Training Future Leaders

Sunday Mornings

Our students gather on Sunday mornings at 9:15am directly before our main worship service to spend time with one another, pray and study the Bible. Our students will be studying through the book of Galatians during the Spring 2018 semester, learning that God's love for us flows through his wonderful grace. The main theme of this study will be, "Grace over Religion". 

Home Bible Study

We are actively training our high school students how to study the Bible. One of the ways we do this is by having guys and girls Bible studies for our high school students that meet every other week. And it is our hope that our students will not just attend, but also participate and learn to lead in these home Bible study settings.  To join one of our student Bible studies please email


One of the most effective ways to love and equip our junior high and high school students is through a mentorship relationship. These relationships are formed upon parent and pastoral approval and the completion of a recent background check for the college or adult mentor. The nature of mentorship is quite simple. The mentor will purpose to spend time with the student on a regular basis whether it is grabbing a bite to eat, supporting the student's school activities, just hanging out, playing a video game or studying the Bible. This reinforced accountability and love is beneficial, not only for the student but also for the mentor and the generational strength of our entire body. 


We believe that every child of God can be a disciple of Christ and learn the core teachings of our faith in a systematic manner. But to see this happen - from a youth perspective - we must readily encourage the discipleship process to all of our students. Simply put, we want to see our high school students winning their friends to the Lord and discipling them in God's Word as well. For more information please visit Equip